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We would like to share with you some of the comments and opinions that our customers have of us.
The Totem Pole
Cave Creek

With every shipment we receive from you, I am more impressed with the consistent quality of the items, the correct shipment of items ordered, and the care taken in the packing merchandise. Its just such a pleasure dealing with people who care so much about their craft, and treating their customers with so much respect. I sing your praises constantly to my customers, and they come away knowing that they are taking home a true treasure. Thanks for everything.
Rita Caroni from Chippendale Engraving / Spiritual

Raku Potteryworks is our Number 1 BEST SELLING vendor and our number one vendor when it comes to customer service.

Their products are beautiful and I happily have to order frequently because not only are the products beautiful, their prices are reasonable and affordable for us, I cannot recommend them enough; AND they are always coming up with new and exciting items. We have been with them for many years and will be for many more. When you contact them with a question or an order you are thoughtfully and always well taken care of. They practice customer SERVICE and Aurora is wonderful, she knows her products and is a delight to work with.
Carolee Johnson from R.C. Ridge

Thank you for wonderful products ! I was so delighted with the top quality of every item ! I definitely will be a life long customer. Your products are great for my small gift shop.
Brett Gerasim from The Old Livery Mercantile, Inc.

Thank you ! The new designs look great ! We are proud to sell your creations.
Red Rock Canyon
Las Vegas

We have never had an item that did not sell well. All the items that we have in our store are beautiful and add a splash of color where ever we place them.
Thank you for having such a wonderful product.
New Renaissance Bookshop

Dear Friends,

As a buyer at the largest metaphysical book and gift shop
on the West Coast, we are a destination for people shopping
for the perfect gift, that is unique and beautiful. Raku Potteryworks
has more than filled the bill. In an area that has a Native
American theme, this earthy, vibrantly glazed pottery was
an instant hit, especially the Dream Catcher Raku bowls.
Their glowing presence and beautifully detailed gem-tops
are affordable, and provide a fun way to offer up a dream....
Thanks so much!
Sharon from ST. Francis Xavier Catholic Faith Community

YIPPEE. Your beautiful items sold and I need to reorder. Right now it is inventory time before we close for vacation. I’ll be sure to go online and order.

Thank you.
St Clair Shores, MI

We have carried Raku Potteryworks dreamcatcher jars, crosses and angels for several years now. They are wonderful-- and great sellers. The colors are clear and vibrant, like the best of Raku. They are priced right. I have recommended them to other retailers I know and I do to you also.
Rising Moon Gallery
Kennewick, WA

When I first ordered from you 3 years ago, you recommended I buy 24 of the mini dreamcatcher jar. I was skeptical but ordered them. Now I can’t do without them, it’s a small item but they sell day in and day out. It’s nice to have a beautiful little item that people don’t have to think twice about buying.

In Harmony Herbs & Spices
San Diego, CA

People love your Raku mini angels and your new dreamcatcher individual tiles. They are beautiful, the price is right and come gift boxed and ready to go! Thanks for offering hand crafted pieces of art at such an affordable price.

Art for the Soul
Newport Beach, CA

We carry the Raku Potteryworks angels and hearts. We only have to set them out and with in a couple days we are sold out! Each piece gives the feeling of being one-of-a-kind, which our customers love! Ceramics is a lost art form but Raku Potteryworks is making ceramics stage a big come back!
Raku Potteryworks
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